i'm still alive, you people :)

ok i know you guys are sick of my apology for the lack of posts, but here we go again! i've been super busy that i didn't realize it's been a good 3 months since i wrote my last post here! oopsie.. but what better excuse than being busy right? *hehe* but that's for real tho, i've been super overwhelmed with clashing due dates of major assignments. in fact, i'm in the middle of doing my major essay now!! lol i just read a couple posts back, and i was doing my essay too when i wrote that one. seems like blogging is my way to let the frustration out. hehe.
other than that, i've also been busy preparing for my departure to Australia. hopefully everything goes smoothly. if you don't know already, i'm moving out to Aussie in february 2012 for a couple years to continue my study. I am excited yet super anxious at the same time, i'm excited to have my own place and stuff, but i've never been away from my family for more than 10 days..
i just turned in all my visa documents, and i'm looking for the perfect place for me to stay in. i found one, reasonably priced and nice. you guys will see it eventually :P

i still upload on youtube, beauty videos of course! and oh, am i the only one who don't like the new design?

i'm sorry youtube, but it's just straight up FUGLY!! :( the previous one is a lot better!

another thing, i'm going to EUROPE!! for this christmas& New years break! suuuper psyched! i'm leaving on the 22nd and i'll be back on the 6th of Jan 2012. i'm travelling around including the UK, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Holland and Switzerland!! i can't wait already!!

Over and Out xoxo


Indonesian beauty brand review! INEZ

Hi beauties! this post is going to be about a Local beauty brand! props for being proud of your nation!
I've been using international branded makeup for the past year, regardless if its drugstore or high-end! i finally get to try some local ones which has been surprising me lately!
INEZ is one of the many local brands i get to try quite a bit of products from, been wanting to try them for AGES because of the great reviews here and there! so here is my 2 cents about the brand! hope u enjoy!

Inez Loose Eyeshadow Powder

These are loose eyeshadows that are really affordable, to be honest i am not the biggest fan of loose eyeshadows in general because they are pretty hard to work with and take a lil bit more time than pressed eyeshadows, however, i really wanted to try these because they are inexpensive and looked soo pretty!

(L-R) Golden Moss, Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold, Golden Moss

as you can see these loose eyeshadows are INCREDIBLY pigmented and super shiny metallic which if you don't know already, metallic eyeshadows are gonna be sooo in for the FALL season! They have 7 different colors for these amazing loose shadows. but they are really intense bold colors. these two are the ones that caught my eyes the most, the rest are bright blues, yellows, reds and such.. i'm having my eyes on the red one now.. i know red is not a wearable eyeshadow, especially really bright pigmented ones.. but for only $2 each, i can't resist!

Inez Colour Contour Eyeshadow Collection (quad)

I have to be honest you guys, i DO NOT need anymore eyeshadows. I have waaaay too much to use by myself already. but oh well, these were just soo tempting, for the price of them, i couldn't resist! they were only $3 each! for 4 eyeshadows, you know thats a steal! (if the quality is any good, of course!

(L-R) New York, Venice

swatches from the Venice quad

Swatches from the New York quad

ooh-lala mamasita! we can confirm now that these eyeshadows are LOVE! they are definately a steal for how much they are!

as you can see from the VENICE quad comes with 2 metallic eyeshadows (the two on the lefy, copper-y bronze and gold) and just a satin-y almost matte creme color and finally a matte dark brown. i initially bought this quad because i was soo drown into the metallic shades, i used them a few times alreeady and i LOVE them, definately more pigmented than the other 2 shades but all of them are really good quality eyeshadows!

and as for the NEW YORK quad, the colors are definately more fun and girly, all of them are satin-y almost matte finishes except for the dark dark brown one down right, it has a little bit of golden shimmers in it, my eyes caught the two colors on the top which are the peachy pink and corally orange, i think this quad gonna make a great whole eye look with the color combo!

pigmentation wise, of course these eyeshadows has way beyond worth for the price! the texture are really smooth and not chalky, they feel really rich!

Inez Colour Contour Blusher with Brush (powder blush)

well, i don't know if you guys know, *if you watch me on youtube you would probably know!* that my favorite makeup item is blush, i don't care what brand they are what so ever, i am head over heels with blushes! so, when it comes to cheap blushes, i would normally go mad.. which explains why i have 4 blushes from inez..

(L-R) Italian Sun, Autumn Rose, Gold Dipped Brick, Amber Peach

each of these blushes were only $2.99 which is undefeated, price wise. i know i have a wet n wild blush that originally only cost around the same, however, i order it online and with the shipping and all that, i'd have to pay about $5-6 in the end, so i think it's safe to say that these inez blushes are the cheapest blushes i have!

(L-R) Italian Sun, Autumn Rose, Gold Dipped Brick, Amber Peach

now, i don't know whats the deal with my camera, the lighting or whatever, these swatches looks nothing like what they are in real life, i mean the color does look like the real ones, but in this pict, they look like they're not so pigmented whereas in real life, they unbelievably are!

Italian Sun is a the one that i thought would be absolutely appropriate for the fall/ winter time, it is a matte darker reddish-orangey-coral shade of a blush which honestly, is not something i would probably reach for, but you guys, it looked sooo pretty that i just had to pick it up. When i got home and swacthed it for the picture, it reminds me a lot of NARS Exhibit A blush!

i never have the NARS blush, but based on what i see on other people's videos, the orangey reddish tone feels similar to me.

Autumn Rose is probably the second most talked about blush from this brand, it is a gorgeous simmery deeper tone of a rosey pink shade, to me it has a little bit of a coral tone in it. It is going to be that perfect flush to the cheeks

Gold Dipped Brick is the one that everyone has been talking about! and just FYI, the tester in the store had numbers instead of the names.. so long story short, i picked all these blushes based on their colors in on the testers and not for a specific name.. so they all based on my eyes and my heart! and guess what i picked this lovely color first, and when the lady gave me the blush, i looked at the name, and i was like "of course" :D
It is a shimmery peachy neutral colored blush, on my cheeks it goes very well and gives that popped out-contoured look to it. i LOVE it.. this is my number 1 fave out of all 4 of em.. most of the times i would go with pinky or corally blushes but this one has opened up my eyes to peachy toned blushes! in the swatch picture, it didnt really show up as well because it is pretty close to my skintone color, but on my face it looks beautiful!

Amber Peach, i must say is my least favorite out of the 4, i must confess, i've never really tried it and i've had it for quite a while now.. i've never tried Italian Sun and Autumn rose but its because i just got them yesterday!
i don't really know why i picked up this color.. but i think because it is a darker tone of a blush, and i wanted to try it, come to think of it, it is a little too dark or me to pull off as a blush, i thought i could use it as a bronzer or contour, but then when i swatched it for this post, i can see a dusty mauve-y tone to it rather than a bronzey or pinky. so i dont know if its gonna look good as a bronzer.. but i'll try to figure out a way to work this blush on!

The pigmentation of all these blushes are really good! the texture is very smooth, and it has a creamy feeling when i swatched it. it is not powdery! one thing i notice is that these blushes has quite a strong scent in it, i am not too bothered by it, but it could be too strong maybe for other people..

The only thing i could really complain about this brand is the packaging, NOT a fan of it! not that its hard to open or anything, it just looked so old-ish and less appealing, since i am also a sucker for packaging..
also,this product is not really easily accessible, i have to go a specific market to find them because i can;t find them at my nearest mall or beauty stores.

After all, for me personally, Inez has a really good selection of colors and products, although i've never try their lips and face stuff, i'm still very impressed with the quality of the products with the really inexpensive price tag! absolutely worth a try!



another mini haul =)

hey there girlieeesss! today i have another teeny tiny haul to share with y'all:) i just received a package a few days ago, sooo i figured i might as well do a haul post :) here we go!

Stila red carpet ready eyeshadow pallette:
i got this for $10 when stilacosmetics.com was having a warehouse sale, so it was really discounted. i actually ordered a few more things, i think i was a foundation and a couple bigger pallettes. but they were out of them so this is the one i ended up getting along with the tinted moisturizer i showed u in the previous post.
i got this pallette because first, it was discounted of course, also because it is their collaboration product with E! Channel which i honestly truly from the bottom of my little heart love! it's probably my all time fave channel.. so i couldn't pass this up.. and here are some swatches

as you can tell, the colors are not as vibrant. at least compared to the other stila eyeshadows that i own, but it goes pretty well on the eyes with primer and everything, i didnt put primer on for this swatches.. so i'd say, for 10 dollars, it's quite a steal :)

NYX powder blushes in "Spice" and "Angel"
i'm not sure how much these blushes were, but i got them from cherryculture.com for quite a good price..
i had 2 nyx blushes already and i wanted to get some prettier colors i guess.. i actually also ordered the color "pinched" but surprise surprise, they were out of that one.. so i ended up with these two..
i haven't try spice yet, but it looked like it would be a pretty color.. i love all of my blushes anyways.. the thing is, angel is clearly, as you can see, a suuuppppeerrr light baby pink color, it wouldnt work out as a blush for me because it is waaay light. i tried it as a highlighter and i must say it kinda work for that, but i have to be kinda careful because it still gives somewhat a pink tint to my cheeks.. i dont know maybe i could do a two-tone style blush with it! i'll play around with it a bit more!

Last but not least, i got the NYX HD eyeshadow primer..
i don't know what it is about me, but i just have a thing with trying out eyeshadow primers.. not bases though because with bases it is possible to have different colors.. but i like primers which is weird because they practically do the same job and pretty much colorless.. but oh well i like them:D
i got this one also from cherry culture for about $7 i think..
definately a good cheaper alternative if you don't wanna spend your money for UDPP or too faced shadow insurance.. i feel like this NYX one works just as well if not better :)

bonus picts!
this look created, was using the Stila red carpet ready eyeshadow pallette and the NYX HD primer!

so there you have it guys! i hope you enjoyed, let me know if you want any review or requests, i've gotta go continue working on my communication essay! toodles! xx


a mini haul

Hi guys! sooo to make up my slack in posting beauty posts, i have an itty bitty haul for you! yayy! i wanted to do a haul on my channel, but i seriously have ZERO time to film, plus, these are only a few things, not really worth a whole haul video. especially if you know how i like my hauls to be ;) (*super huge and collective*)
so i figured, a blog post would be appropriate! so here we go! dun dun dunnn....

Clean& Clear persa-gel-10:
i purchased this because i've heard quite a bit of good things from a couple youtubers. it is supposed to be a really kick-ass acne medication with the 10% benzoyl peroxide (honestly idk how to spell it!) and usually, acne medications with this level of benzoyl peroxide, are sold with prescriptions. but, this one you can get at your drugstores..
it has a quite strong medicine, chemically smell to it, which for me, isn't really a prob. i've been using it for almost a week now. and i must say it has been kinda working out.. but i still need to try this a bit more..

Bodycology Vanilla Cupcake travel sized fragrance mist:
you can get this from ulta for about $3 i think.. i mean, i just love bakery scents, although, im not sure of how i feel about this scent yet, its still in the range where i would love (come on its vanilla cupcake scented!!) and for 3 bucks, you can't rlly go wrong with this :D

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color in "Rockstar Pink" and "Strobe Light":
I have been really into crazy glitter nails lately, so i am super excited to wear these polishes, Strobe Light is more a sheer light pink with multi colored glitter in it, as oppose to Rockstar Pink which is more opaque and festive with the bright color. i'm planning on wearing Rockstar Pink on my nails for my vacation to Bali! yay :D

Stila oil-free sheer color tinted moisturizer SPF 30 in "Medium Medium":
actually, this color is not really my color. i got this tinted moisturizer from $10 when Stila was having their warehouse sale, i thought the color was gonna match, but turned out its a bit orange for me. but it's not too intense or anything. this TM is gonna be PERFECT for my vacation since i am planning to get some color, and the fact that it has SPF of 30, i won't be needing extra sunscreen! yay for practical!

so that is the end of my teeny tiny haul! thanks for reading and stopping by! don't forget to check my channel out, and feel free to drop your comments/ questions in the comment section of the post. now, i gotta go and START doing my effective writing essay. i have 3 ESSAYS ahead me, ya kno. 800 words for effective writing, 2,000 words for psychology and another 2,000 for communication. pretty intense huh? haha over and out! loveyaguys! xoxo

update+ bday haul sneak peek

Hi you there! First of, I am incredibly sorry for the lack of post! Beauty related posts mostly.. I’ve been super busy lately, I haven’t been keeping up with my videos because my home internet is acting up again. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by this weekend *crosses fingers*

It is 10.20 pm right now, I’m writing this post on Microsoft word, in the middle of doing my psychology major essay.. yes, procrastination is in action, baby!

But I’m planning on publishing this tomorrow at campus.. pssh!

Tomorrow is (supposedly be) exciting.. my journalism classmates plus moi and our lecturer will visit the UN headquarter in our city.. still not sure what coursework will be given afterwards, but I’m excited still, it’s like a lil field trip or sumthing, I get to dress up kinda fancy, you know, as a journalist would..

I’m planning to wear just a pair of trousers, a t-shirt styled top, and a blazer! (i ended up wearing a v-neck 3/4 length top in mint green color, trousers and a blazer with my hair in a bun and a pair of faux pearl earrings! and also a pair of black wedges! i wanted to take a pict, but i was incredibly late so i was rushing!)

I don’t really know what I wanna talk about in this post, really.. I just wanna come up here and raaammmbbblllleeee onnnn! Lol

I have quite a bit of pre-filmed videos that I need to upload, I’ll get them up once my internet is back on.. one of em is a birthday haul! My bday was on August 3rd.. I turned 18 this year, and yes, I feel somewhat old lol

****THE VIDEO IS UP NOW!! :)****

On the day of my birthday, frankly, nothing were really superficial.. I received a gift from one of my geeewwwddd friend.. and it went well, I received millions of wishes, I just felt soooo blessed and overwhelmed!

L'occitane Cherry Blossom eau de toilette

The next day, I had a birthday dinner, just a little one with my school mates, it was soooo amazing and a couple of my bffs surprised me with cakes, candles and yada yada yada!

And then on Saturday, I went out for a mini bday dinner with my bff, out of the school tho, we’ve been bffs for like 4 years now!

Then on Monday I went out and had sushi-bday-dinner with another one of my bff! Shes my bff since high school, we went to the same high school! And she gave me a little gift which I thought was so sweet of her

NYX Luscious Lipgloss Pallette in "The Perfect Everyday Colors"

The following day, I received another gift from another good friend

Marks& Spencer Autograph Blush eau de toilette

I am so super excited btw because I have a week off from August 31st until Sept 4th. My family and I are going to jet off to Bali! I seriously am in need of some getaway because my life has been quite hectic.. it’s nice to runaway from it for a bit

I’ll try to do some follow me around vlogs or at least just pictures, just to show you guys how amazingly beautiful Bali is

Anyways, I have been lovinggg shopping at outlets. I mean, I love shopping to begin with, of course :$ but I just have been loving shopping at outlets or little department stores where they have amazing deals and stuff.. it just feels soo good when you are able to find great stuff with low price.. there were time when I was just literally obsessed with forever21. I still like em now, but just been enjoying the good feeling of great finds!

Okay then, I guess that’s it for rite now, I promise a lot more posts coming up and beauty related ones of course! I love you guys xoxo


Invaders event: makeup, hair& outfit!

Hello hello everybody! todays post is a bit interesting..

During the New Years eve, i went to vacation+NYE celebration w my family to Bali, which is a fantastic, exotic island in my country. we stay there for aroud a week, which if you watched my videos than you'd know.
On January 1st, my brother and i attended the performance by Tommy Lee and DJ Aero. to be honest, i dont know much about them, but i do know that Tommy Lee is the drumer for a rock n roll band, Motley Crue.
He branched out and started DJ-ing in around dubstep and ish.
since my brother was a huge fan, and i wanted to see how would a drummer perform on a DJ booth, i came along with him.

Mr. Tommy Lee

DJ Aero

(*sorry for the bad quality pics, they were taken with my flipcam which dont have a really good quality*)

the event was held at Hard Rock cafe, Bali which just perfect, next to where i stay, the Hard Rock Hotel.

anyway, the point of this post is just to show you kinda the makeup, hair and outfit that i wore to the gig!

the makeup:

On my face:
Revlon colorstay foundation & concealer
Benefit erase paste
maybelline clear smooth pressed powder

on my eyes:
Milani runway eyes pallette in "Catwalk"
Oriflame Stylo liner
Maybelline falsies mascara + NYX doll eyes mascara

on my cheeks:
Revlon naturally glamorous blush in "Wine with everything"

on my lips:
Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in "Natural Nude"


this is the only picture that kinda show you how i did my hair.. i put a little poof, just to add more statement and let the rest flow naturally..
my hair was kinda wavy and a bit frizzy during the holiday, since i didnt blow dry my hair at all! hahah


i didn't pick the outfit occasionally for the gig. this picture was taken at a restaurant that my family and i went before i went to the gig that night.. so that was just the outfit i had on, i didn't feel like changing it, i think its quite proper tho, just a really thin comfy sort of dress type thing, its of the shoulder, really flowy, has some really nice patterns and colors on it.
and yes, i did wore those sandals to the gig, i mean, if you really know, its just how bali is, nobody cares what youre wearing, you can go to the hotters bar/ club, and the beach with the exact same outfit! so i just put on a bit more makeup to kinda dress my self up.
and ofcourse, my lovely necklace! its a layered necklace, with 3 charms, a peace sign, a dove and a heart! i wore it almost every single day there. :D sorry i dont have a closer look to the necklace.

thanks for reading!!


Incredibly quick smokey eyes

Hi guys, so this is a smokey look that has been my night out go to look lately.

the best thing about this is that it is super easy and quick, you can do it in 5 minutes! and you only need 2 eyeshadows. (another one is for highlight)
here is a tutorial i put up on youtube a while back. enjoy!

in the video i didn't show what i applied to my cheeks and lips to finish the look off, here they are if you're wondering:

-Maybelline dream mousse blush in Peach Satin
-SilkyGirl powder blush in Dune Rose (on top of the maybelline)

-MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Shy Girl

i love this whole look in general, very night out appropriate, since it is a smokey eyes, but personally, i would wear this out on a day time, just need to tone it down a bit..
the blush combo is also what i;ve been loving lately, i mean can you see how my cheeks looks really popped and defined in the pic?!

so i hope you enjoy this, thanks for reading& watching! loveeess


25 random questions TAG

i feel like blogging. yeay!!! lol
anyways, i saw the video called "25 random questions tag" across youtube today. i think its been there for quite a while now. but here are some of the tag videos from another gurus

i saw the questions and i thought they were pretty interesting. i really want to film the tag but i don;t feel like it. so i decided to post the tag on my blog! :D
anyone who wants to do this tag on their blog or youtube are very welcome so here we go. ready?!

1. Do you have any pets?

well honestly, idk if this counts but i have this pond in my house with quite loads of fishes in it, and my family& i have had them since like 5 years ago? theyre really big now. anyways, idk if that counts because i think pets are just animals that you take care of and you know, you can pet them, sleep with them, etc. obviously you can't sleep with your fishes can you?
other thing, there's this little kitty kat, he's actually not ours, but he was just a wild random cat, and he passes by my house and my lil sister feed him one time. he continues coming back and forth since then. sometimes i feed him/ play with him, so does my brothers and other family member. but we never even let him go inside the house, leave alone let him sleep with us. so, he's not really our pet i guess? but my brother did named him Jasper. :)

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you.

i have my phone, my wallet and my Shea lip butter from the body shop which i've been obsessed with lately

3. What's the weather like right now?

it's night time right now, around 11 pm. i don't really know whats the weather like outside but it was burning hot this noon it's crazy. so i think right now it's kinda like hot-dusty night weather.

4. Do you drive? If so have you crashed?

i can drive but i actually drive only around like my house complex.. because i can't convince my self to drive out the public way yet.. so i've never crash, thank god, and i hope i'll never crash!

5. What time did you wake up this morning?

pretty early, 8 am. considering it's sunday and i usually wake up at like 11-12am ish!

6. When was the last time you showered?

like an hour ago

7. What was the last movie you saw?

Burlesque! oooomygosh, i'm obsessed!

8. What does your last text message say?

it was from my provider and its like a valentines day promo -_-

9. What's your ringtone?

it's the reff part of Gwen Stefani's song called Rich Girl. and honestly, i set that as my ringtone because i'm ever-so obsessed with the movie Confession of a Shopaholic, its my fave chick flick movie other than mean girls. and rebecca bloomwood, the main character. had that song as her ringtone in the movie. so here i am with the same one! haha!

10. Have you ever been to a different country?

yes yes yes :) mostly asian countries because you know, they are close. i've been to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China& Japan. i've also been to the States once. it was amazing but i only get to visit the east coast. defo looking forward to step my feet on the west coast! :)

11. Do you like sushi?

i do not like sushi.. i LOVE them.

12. Where do you buy your groceries?

well just at my local grocery store, i mean, honestly if i really mention the name, you guys won't even know it, since i live waaay here in Indonesia. haha

13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?

nopee.. but i've taken some medications for other illnesses that comes with the side effect of making me fall asleep faster.

14. How many siblings do you have?

a big brother, littler brother& 1 tiny little sister. haha

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

i have a macbook which, is obviously a laptop, but in my house, we have a desktop computer that we share..( my family& i)

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

18!! omg i'll finally be legal! well for most people in my country, they kinda have the big celebration when they turn 17, because for them, it is when they get legal. but honestly, i think the real legal age is 18.. maybe the people in my country think so because we got our national legal id when we turn 17.. :/

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

None :D sometimes i do wear colored contacts for fun, tho..

18. Do you color your hair?


19. Tell me something you are planning to do today.

well, school just finished, i'm planning to go to the gym later, and quickly bounce to the mall to get a new nail polish remover because i'm running low and i've been constantly changing my nail color lately

20. When was the last time you cried?

honestly i can't remember.. but i'm sure its not too long ago.. i honestly cry very easily. most of the time because of movies or books that i read. *fun fact alert*

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?


22. Which do you prefer-hamburgers or cheeseburgers?

cheeseburgers!!! but i've been having like a stomach problem lately, everytime i consume cheese, my stomach would be aching like crazy :(

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter?

yes.. usually when i'm really excited for something on the next day, like a trip or whatever, i just couldn't go to sleep and ended up staying up all night, so that i wouldn't slept in. haha

24. What is your eye color?

hazel-ish brown i guess?

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

haha probably pepsi is a tad sweeter? i dnt even know

well thats the end of the TAG! i tag all of you whos reading, you can make it as a blogpost or a video! <3


quickie update

hey guys!! ok first of all, let me just apologize cause i've been seriously slacking on posts. i don't have any excuses tho, mainly because i;ve been more on tumblr and twitter instead this, and of course, on youtube. so make sure u follow me on tumblr or twitter if you'd like.
anyways, i just wanna give you guys here some updates..

first of, if you guys didn;t know, i've invested in a better HD camera. pretty cool, yea? :) it is the Sony HDR-XR150. it's a great camera, it's HD, it auto-focuses and all that good stuff. here's my latest videos:

it's a couple parts of haul videos. be sure to check it out if you haven;t already!
yaa so thats about my new HD camera, i actually got it around a month ago. so i have few videos with it already. i really really really do love it!

next thing is that school has started again, probably you guys didn't know that i had 2 and a half months of break. like mid-semester break. it was pretty lonnnngg, i mean, at least i've never had a break that long before. so when i go back to school, it kinda awkaward feeling. LOL. but anyways, i started a new semester and my schedule now is pretty thight. thats why i haven't been uploadig videos as much as i did when i'm still on break. most of the times when i got home, the sun would gone already, so i can't film anything cuz i can never have a nice lighting at night time! but i;m trying to figure out a way to film at night time. obviously trying to find a good lighting and setup. cross your fingers! :)
anyways, i feel like this semester is way busier than my previous one, i;ll always come home with a bunch of school works to do. boo no fun.
which leads this post into my sleeping problems. my sleeping time schedule has been ruined during the break. i'd literally go to sleep at 4 am in the morning which absolutely is not healthy.
of course, when the school started i need to make my self get used to waking up uber early. considering i have quite some morning classes and my house is like 1-2 hours away from my school!
by then, if i wanna get up freshly in the morning, i can't go to sleep uber late. my sleeping schedule is getting better ryt now. i usually will go to sleep around 12-1am. it is still late but at least its better than before. i really wanna go to sleep way early like 10pm ish. but i just can;t because i have TONS of stuff to do. i think its just the way it is, like, 10pm isnt my sleeping time zone anymore..
i've been once told that thats just what college gives you. sleepless nights. just because you have a lot of things to do in such little time given.
but anyways, im not in college at all. i am in a foundation level which if u guys didnt know is like a pre-university level. which is provided for those students whos planning to study abroad, outta the country. in this foundation level, we are having pretty much similar subjects w hi skool, but, its being equated to the particular country's standard. i hope you get me in this point..

anywaysss its 12.14 am ryt now. time for me to hit the bed. so heres the end of my quickie update, dont forget to subbbb me on youtube :) loveeeyou guys!