a mini haul

Hi guys! sooo to make up my slack in posting beauty posts, i have an itty bitty haul for you! yayy! i wanted to do a haul on my channel, but i seriously have ZERO time to film, plus, these are only a few things, not really worth a whole haul video. especially if you know how i like my hauls to be ;) (*super huge and collective*)
so i figured, a blog post would be appropriate! so here we go! dun dun dunnn....

Clean& Clear persa-gel-10:
i purchased this because i've heard quite a bit of good things from a couple youtubers. it is supposed to be a really kick-ass acne medication with the 10% benzoyl peroxide (honestly idk how to spell it!) and usually, acne medications with this level of benzoyl peroxide, are sold with prescriptions. but, this one you can get at your drugstores..
it has a quite strong medicine, chemically smell to it, which for me, isn't really a prob. i've been using it for almost a week now. and i must say it has been kinda working out.. but i still need to try this a bit more..

Bodycology Vanilla Cupcake travel sized fragrance mist:
you can get this from ulta for about $3 i think.. i mean, i just love bakery scents, although, im not sure of how i feel about this scent yet, its still in the range where i would love (come on its vanilla cupcake scented!!) and for 3 bucks, you can't rlly go wrong with this :D

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color in "Rockstar Pink" and "Strobe Light":
I have been really into crazy glitter nails lately, so i am super excited to wear these polishes, Strobe Light is more a sheer light pink with multi colored glitter in it, as oppose to Rockstar Pink which is more opaque and festive with the bright color. i'm planning on wearing Rockstar Pink on my nails for my vacation to Bali! yay :D

Stila oil-free sheer color tinted moisturizer SPF 30 in "Medium Medium":
actually, this color is not really my color. i got this tinted moisturizer from $10 when Stila was having their warehouse sale, i thought the color was gonna match, but turned out its a bit orange for me. but it's not too intense or anything. this TM is gonna be PERFECT for my vacation since i am planning to get some color, and the fact that it has SPF of 30, i won't be needing extra sunscreen! yay for practical!

so that is the end of my teeny tiny haul! thanks for reading and stopping by! don't forget to check my channel out, and feel free to drop your comments/ questions in the comment section of the post. now, i gotta go and START doing my effective writing essay. i have 3 ESSAYS ahead me, ya kno. 800 words for effective writing, 2,000 words for psychology and another 2,000 for communication. pretty intense huh? haha over and out! loveyaguys! xoxo

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