Full GRWM Product List

Hi Guys!

So the other day i uploaded this video below:

and as you can tell, it is a getting ready with me video! in this post i am going to give you guys the full list of products i used in the video :) so here goes!

On Face:

Urban Decay Face Primer Potion (Pore Perfecting)
Illamasqua Concealer "cc215"
Revlon Colorstay Foundation "Sand Beige"
Benefit Erase Paste Concealer "Medium"
ELF Complexion Perfection

Benefit Brows a-go-go kit
Makeup Forever brow seal

On eyes:
NYX HD eyeshadow primer
Model's Prefer brow highlighter
Bare Minerals READY eyeshadow duo "The Top Shelf"
MAC eyeshadow "Vanilla"
Red Earth loose eyshadow "brocade"
Makeup Forever aqua liner "13"
Max Factor false lash effect mascara

On Cheeks:
Bobbi Brown bronzing powder "Golden Light"
The Balm blush "Down Boy"
MAC Extra-Dimension Skinfinish "Superb"

Maybelline watershine pure lipstick "P12"



Hi guys! how are we doin'?

So the other day i was going through one of my memory sticks and i found some snapshots of my videos.. WHAAAAAT?

well, my handy dandy Sony Camcorder that i use religiously to record my videos, takes snapshots every something seconds while i'm actually filming.. they were so fun to go through and i though i'll share them with you guys.. they're kind of a true true candid pix.. 
Bare with me though cause they all kinda look the same..

This one has got to be my favorite out of the bunch! this is from the products i regret buying video.. i love how it shows my makeup that day!

This one is also from the same video! do you recognize this? it's right when i say "hey guuuuys" lol

This one is also from an intro! and my baby sis is making an appearance! this is from a haul video i did with her but i never ended up uploading it because i didn't like the end result! 

This one is from my skincare routine video which isnt uploaded yet, it's still going through editing process! can you see the mirror in the background? you can see my camera and the tripod :P

This one is from a journalism assignment, i was doing a report and had to film with tripod and complete equipment in public! i was pretty nervous hence the giggle. But  no worries, i was with a couple of my friends, so didnt look so much like a lunatic :P

I thought these pictures looks like sort of another side of me because i never smile like this in pictures! i never smile with my teet for some reason, i always thought i look weird and my lips looks not natural when i do! 

So there you go, hope this can brighten up your day al little bit!

till next time! xx


Making a comeback. For real this time.

Okay, i know that i've said this a million times, it's ridiculous. But i'm back in writing and this time, i'm back for good.
I've just deleted a bunch of my old posts in this blog. Ones from back when i was in high school. Aside from the fact that they were stupid, ignorant and super personal, i wanted to start fresh with this blog. of course, the beauty contents will be consistently posted, but i also want to throw in some personal bits and bops here. Although, it will still be focused on beauty related things. I do have a personal blog next door on wordpress.com, and by personal i mean, really personal. Where i vent out my thoughts on events that occurs in my daily life and such. Leisure and fun stuff are as personal as it gets on this blog. So if you feel like reading a vent post, well then be my guest. Head over to my wordpress account. Click here to do so.
Hopefully i can commit to actually keeping up with my own blog.

So, to make up my disappearance, i guess i'll make a grand comeback with a tag post that i saw going around the community!
I'd love to write you a nice ellaborate review, but i don't have pictures and plans so i promise, those are coming your way =)

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
It is naturally wavy, with tons of volume!

2. What is your natural hair color?
Super dark brown-ish. It looks like black at the most part but it isn't jet-black either

3. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

4. How often do you wash your hair?
Every other day!

5. Do you wear the same style every day or change it?
I change it occasionally, i used to never style my hair, always let it air dry, basically pay no attention! but lately i've been loving the big soft curls

6. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I go to salons regularly back in Indonesia, but here in Melbourne, mani pedis costs a whole darn lot so i just do it my self

7. How often to you change your nail polish?
Depends, really. If i'm on a roll i can change it everyday! but i can sometimes go 2 weeks without changing it.

8. Do you polish your toes in the winter, too or just in the summer?
I hardly do them anytime. It doesn't matter what season it is, really, i do them when i feel like it

9. How long does it take to put on your makeup?
A full on everyday makeup takes about 20-30 minutes, a simple one takes about 15 and an occasional fancy ones can take up to an hour

10. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
I always do my face first, foundation, concealer, powder, etc. But then i leave my blush and bronzer for the last after i do my eye make up

11. Do you "collect" makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I collect for sure!

12. How often do you wear false eyelashes?
This is embarrassing but the most times i put falsies on are when i film videos! i do wear them out but it takes extra time, sometimes i can't even be bothered.

13. Do you do a full face of makeup every day?

14. Do you wear makeup when you are home alone (or with family)?
Nope, unless there's an event held at my home or when my family and i go out to the mall or something

15. Will you leave the house without makeup?
I can but i prefer not to

16. How many high end products do you have?
I do have quite a bit. I keep it balanced between high-end& drugstore items in my collection!

17. How often do you wash your makeup brushes?
Honestly, this is the beauty rule i break all the time! i spot clean them basically everyday before i do my makeup, but i deep clean them maybe once every 3 weeks. I know, a lot of you are cringing right now.

18. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you are getting dressed?
I plan my clothes on occasions, but mostly, i just see what i have in my closet and pull things out

19. How often do you change your handbag?
All the time!

20. What time do you get up & go to sleep?
I go to sleep around 1-2am and get up around 8-10 ish in the morning

21. How often & when do you workout?
Rarely if ever!

22. Left-handed or Right-handed?
Right handed

23. How tall are you?
I never measure my height, to be honest. I'm guessing 155cm ish?

24. Do you speak a foreign language?
This, what i'm speaking right now, is a foreign language for me

25. How many pets do you have?

26. How often are you on Blogger?
Oh boy, i'm a slacker

27. Do you read the comments posted blogs?

28. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?

29. How did you come up with your blog name?
it's my last name! if i knew i would use this blog as a beauty platform, i'd think of a more clever name haha

30. What kind of camera do you use for photographs?
My phone. is that bad? hey, i'm working on it;)

31. How often do you clean your house? (Daily, weekly, other)
Once a week

32. What is your favorite color?
Rose Gold!

33. What is your favorite beauty/fashion magazine?
I'm not that into magazines to be honest, i'll read whatever is there!

34. Do you swear?

35. What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Well it's 9 o'clock at night, i'll probably study for my upcoming exam and meet up with a friend!

So, there you have it! hopefully it let you know me a tad better, from all perspectives! thank you so much for sticking by my blogs! i promise this time i won't disappoint you!
Cao for now.



(Not so) glammed up FOTD, for one of those days...

So today was just one of those days. Meaning that it was flat. I just went to class, grab some takeaway at a chinese restaurant in my campus, and went home. Raise the holy roof. LOL. 
Anyways, i feel like my Face Of The Day posts on here has been very elaborate and glammed up. I thought, why not show you guys what i look like on a day-to-day basis? 

Once in a while, if i'm feeling fancy, i'll do a full on makeup look to school, with foundation and what not, but at the most part, i'll ended up with this type of looks because i always wake up late and ended up not having time to do my makeup anyways.
So this look is really simple and easy to do, and not very much time consuming. So, let me break these down fo ya!

On my face:
Skin Aqua UV moisture gel SPF 30 PA++ (it's a sunscreen but i use it as my primer as well)
Essence 3 in 1 forget it concealer (skin colored one on problem areas, pink one as brightener under the eyes)
Covergirl TruConceal concealer under the eyes
Max Factor creme puff translucent powder
MAC blush in foolish me

On my eyebrows:
MAC brow set in Beguile

On my eyes:
ELF eyelid primer
Maybelline color tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadow in "Bad To the Bronze" all over the lid blended to the crease
MAC eyeshadow in Vanilla on the browbone as highlight
Revlon Grow Luscious mascara layered with NYX doll eye waterproof mascara

On my lips:
Australis brush on lip and cheek tint in Renaissance Red

So there you have it! my super quick and simple go to look for everyday, when i'm in a hurry mostly. Sigh.. i need to learn how to be a morning person, i know..
But anyways, thanks so much for reading! i appreciate your time!



Birthday dinner FOTD + Dinner pictures! (and some bonus! ;))

Hi Loves!

i'm here today with another FOTD post! i've been loving posting these cos they're really easy to put together plus, for some reason, i love listing down the products for you guys! as per usual, please let me know anyway if you want me to do a tutorial on any of the FOTDs that i've done!

So this one is quite special because it's the makeup that i wore to my 19th birthday dinner (i'll insert some pics in the of this post)
My birthday was on the 3rd of August and i held the dinner on the 17th which is pretty far away but it was the day that everyone was comfortable with. It wasn't big or anything. Just a warm intimate dinner with a few of my really close friends here in Melbourne! 

On my eyes:
NYX HD eyeshadow primer
Model's prefer brow highlighter (on the browbone under the highlight shadow)
Maybelline color tattoo 24 hr cream eyeshadow in Too Cool (shimmery white) sheer-ly applied
The Balm Shady Lady eyeshadow in Mischievous Marissa (inner half of the eyelid)
Bobbi Brown shimmer wash e/s in Rose Gold (outer half of the eyelid)
Model Co colorbox eyeshadow in Miami on the crease
Bobbi Brown matte e/s in Mahogany on the outer V
MAC eyeshadow in Vanilla as highlight on the browbone
Red Earth loose eyeshadow in brocade on the inner corner
Stila smudge pot in black (gel liner)
Ardell 'wispies' eyelashes stuck with Revlon eyelash adhesive
NYX doll eye mascara
MUFE aqua eyes pencil liner in 23L (champagne) on the waterline

On my face:
MUFE all mat 
MUFE HD elixir
Urban Decay complexion primer potion (pore perfecting)
MUFE camouflage cream in 17 (green)
MAC mineralize concealer in NW 25 (all over problem areas)
MUFE HD foundation #150
MAC Pro-longwear concealer in NW20 (under eye)
Smashbox photo op under eye brightener
Bobbi Brown sheer finish loose powder in Pale Yellow (to set under eye concealer)
MUFE super matte loose powder #16 (to set foundation)
MUFE sculpting kit #2 to contour and highlight
Yamamay beauty baked blush in Doll Pink
Bobbi Brown illuminating bronzer in Antigua (shimmery pink blush layered with the other blush)
The Balm Mary Lou-manizer highlighter

On my eyebrows:
NYX eyebrow cake powder in Taupe/ Ash (i used the color ash)
M&S clear brow gel

On my lips:
Sportsgirl pout line lip liner in beauty queen
Silkygirl moisture gloss in Barely Nude

my hair was simply curled with a Vidal Sassoon (known as conair in the US) 38mm barrel ceramic curling iron!

Okay, now that i list down everything, beauty wise, let's move to the fun pictures! Yay!

The Strawberry cheesecake! yum!

Bestttt <3 p="p">

Surprised! (for the 3rd time ;D) 

OOTD feats my houndstooth printed toms ;)

The Maltessers cheesecake! tastes divine!

blowing my 19th bday candle for the 3rd time :)

So that's everything about my birthday dinner! BUT, since i thought this blog is lacking in the pictures department, i decided to throw in some pictures from my actual birthday day (?).
So here it goes, my friends surprised me with cakes in the middle of the night which was uber sweet of them, and then we went to ikea for the day, after that, some other friends of mine showed up in my apartment and surprised me again! even one of em put my mom in skype! 

cookie cake!! my dream came true :D

The second surprise of the day, my eyeliner was up my crease because i teared up when i saw my mom on skype, hehe

Ikea's swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce! yummerrrrr


 So that's about it! hope you enjoyed reading this and thanks so much for reading! ox


Current Make Up wish list!

Hi everyone! hows it going? so i'm here today with a Makeup Wishlisht post! I know... like i don't have enough already! But honestly, i have to say that i've been really good with suppressing my craze for makeup purchasing! So these are the products that i have been lusting over. 
These are products that i would totally be delighted to have but i know it's not something i would purchase right out the bat.
I'm not including products that i have in my list that i know i will buy in the near future. Ok, ready? here it goes!

YSL teint resist foundation.

So, a little back story on this product, i went to the YSL counter in Myer, a high end department store here in Melbourne, initially to company a friend of mine that wanted to check out their infamous Touche Eclat. So when she was having her time with it, i checked out the foundation myself (the new touche eclat foundation it is) and i had a chat with the Sales Assistant and she eventually recommended me the Teint Resist as it has the best formulation out of all the other YSL foundations for oily skin. She swatched a little bit on the back of my hand and OH-MY-GODNESS-GRACIOUS. One thing i reckon the most is that it has such a beautiful finish, it has this velvet-ish finish and is so smooth. I fell in love with it right away!
The Australian retail price for the Yves Saint Laurent teint resist foundation is $79. I personally think it isn't that bad, the RRP on Sephora's website is 55 USD, but honestly i am willing to pay 79 for such a beautiful, luxurious and amazing quality face product!

BareMinerals SPF 15 matte foundation.

I know what you're thinking. "What? you're only getting into this product now?!" 
Well, to be quite honest, i have never been too interested in this best selling products. i know for fact that a handful of my friends swears by this product, my friends who aren't as much into makeup as i do. 
But i've always thought that this is just another lose powder. Which i am now aware that it is absolutely incorrect!
After a little chat with the YSL lady, my friend and i went over to the Mecca Cosmetica section in Myer, because she (my friend) wanted to buy another one of her Bare Minerals foundation. Yes, she went through a whole container. She completely forgot what shade she was in since she ran out of her foundation ages ago so i asked the Mecca sales assistant to color match her. While the lady was applying the foundation to her, trying colors and stuff, i browse around Mecca, swatching this and that, which birings us to the next product i wanted to talk about. 
But as soon as she was finished, my jaw literally dropped. Her skin looks FLAWLESS! just like she just applied a really nice foundation, such a great finish i reckon. Other than that, it has such a good coverage but not powdery looking, remembering the loose-powder form that it comes in. Again, i fell in love with this product at the very first sight.
It retails at AUD 34.95 which i think is not bad at all since the actual RRP in sephora.com is USD 27. Not that big of a difference. But i held my self back from buying it right away since i still have quite a few foundations i'm currently using, including a couple new ones that i'm still trying out. So i thought, if i finish 2 foundations, i'll buy one of these foundations in my wish list, and it goes the same for another one!

NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower

This is another product that i feel like has been raved and hyped all over the beauty community for the longest time, but then again, never seem to interest me that much. Until i swatched it at the Mecca Cosmetica counter in Myer while my friend was getting all glammed up with the Bare Minerals foundation. I've always thought that the colour is very pretty, but i thought the texture would just be like any other cream blush. But boy, they're nowhere close to the same to a couple cream blushes i own (e.g. NYX and Bobbi Brown) The formulation isn't quite as slippery i'd say? i'm not saying that i don't like the ones that i have but, this NARS one has a different texture, almost like a cream to powder finish but a very very smooth one.
The color it self as you may know is a gorgeous mixture of red and a bit of coral with a hint of gold-ish shimmer, although the shimmer is very subtle. It just looked so absolutely stunning and of course, it was love at the first swatch.

Chanel Bronze Universal bronzing makeup base (Soleil Tan De Chanel)

Amongst the list, this highly-raved product from one of my favorite high-end brands is probably the one that has been in my wishlist the longest.
I have had my eyes on this baby for well over a year now. It is just such a unique product that i feel like no other brands has made something quite similar. and of course, the beautiful double c's stamp on the packaging made me want it even more. 
It basically is a light cream textured bronzer for your complexion. I've heard people go on and on and on about how this product blends into your skin like a dream, how natural it looks. From people with different skin tones and under tones. Also, how long it lasts as far as product goes.
It's probably not something i would get in the near future, considering the high price tag. But i promise my self that one day, i will have this gorgeous packaging sitting in my collection.

So that is everything! i know it's not much but i honestly feel like i don't need much more makeup! and like i stated before, i'm not including the products that i know i will definately buy!

Thanks for reading! xoxo


Yet Another FOTD! Purple Fun!!

Hi guys! so this weekend my friends and i went to the movies and see Step Up 4: Miami Heat in 3D! it was suuper good, but i have to say, i like the other step up better! my personal fave is the 2nd one! the final dance was unbelievably irreplaceable! but if you do like dance and stuff, i'd suggest you to see the 4th one anyways, it is really good on its own! 
With this post i wanted to show you the makeup i did to see this movie, nothing occasional but i just felt like wearing fun colours! i went with purple because not only it brings out the color of my brown eyes, i also find purple to be a non-neutral colour that is easier to work with! so here goes the pictures and as per usual, i'll list down all the makeup that i'm wearing!

On my eyes:
NYX HD eyeshadow primer
Model's Prefer brow highlighter (used on the browbone underneath the highlight eyeshadow)
Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Painted Purple all over the lid blended up to the crease
Kiko water eyeshadow in Chromo Taupe on the crease
MAC eyeshadow in Vanilla on the browbone highlight
Covergirl eyeshadow in Champagne on the inner corner
Make Up Forever aqua liquid liner in 6 (Shimmery Navy blue)
Revlon Grow Luscious + NYX doll eye mascara

On my FACE:
Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion (Pore Perfecting)
MakeUp Forever camouflage cream in 17 (green, to cancel out redness)
Maybelline dream mousse concealer on problem areas
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Sand under the eyes
Lioele Triple the solution BB Cream
Maybelline dream matte powder to set
Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder in Golden light
Bobbi brown blush in Apricot (applied closer to the contour)
Bobbi brown illuminating blush in Antigua (applied above the apricot blush, blended)
The Balm Mary Lou-manizer highlighter

NYX eyebrow cake powder in Taupe/ Ash ( i used the color ASH)
Marks& Spencer clear eyebrow gel

Chanel Rouge coco shine in Boy (no. 54)

So there you have it! hope you guys like the way it looked, i think i'm gonna do a tutorial on it soon since this is a colorful and i do way too many neutral tutorials on my channel! hehe. 
If you guys wanted to see what the products i mentioned look like, please let me know since i don't include pictures of the actual products! but i do feature them in my beauty videos, so go ahead and check my youtube channel out if you haven't already. link is on the sidebar as always! 
thanks for reading! xx