another mini haul =)

hey there girlieeesss! today i have another teeny tiny haul to share with y'all:) i just received a package a few days ago, sooo i figured i might as well do a haul post :) here we go!

Stila red carpet ready eyeshadow pallette:
i got this for $10 when stilacosmetics.com was having a warehouse sale, so it was really discounted. i actually ordered a few more things, i think i was a foundation and a couple bigger pallettes. but they were out of them so this is the one i ended up getting along with the tinted moisturizer i showed u in the previous post.
i got this pallette because first, it was discounted of course, also because it is their collaboration product with E! Channel which i honestly truly from the bottom of my little heart love! it's probably my all time fave channel.. so i couldn't pass this up.. and here are some swatches

as you can tell, the colors are not as vibrant. at least compared to the other stila eyeshadows that i own, but it goes pretty well on the eyes with primer and everything, i didnt put primer on for this swatches.. so i'd say, for 10 dollars, it's quite a steal :)

NYX powder blushes in "Spice" and "Angel"
i'm not sure how much these blushes were, but i got them from cherryculture.com for quite a good price..
i had 2 nyx blushes already and i wanted to get some prettier colors i guess.. i actually also ordered the color "pinched" but surprise surprise, they were out of that one.. so i ended up with these two..
i haven't try spice yet, but it looked like it would be a pretty color.. i love all of my blushes anyways.. the thing is, angel is clearly, as you can see, a suuuppppeerrr light baby pink color, it wouldnt work out as a blush for me because it is waaay light. i tried it as a highlighter and i must say it kinda work for that, but i have to be kinda careful because it still gives somewhat a pink tint to my cheeks.. i dont know maybe i could do a two-tone style blush with it! i'll play around with it a bit more!

Last but not least, i got the NYX HD eyeshadow primer..
i don't know what it is about me, but i just have a thing with trying out eyeshadow primers.. not bases though because with bases it is possible to have different colors.. but i like primers which is weird because they practically do the same job and pretty much colorless.. but oh well i like them:D
i got this one also from cherry culture for about $7 i think..
definately a good cheaper alternative if you don't wanna spend your money for UDPP or too faced shadow insurance.. i feel like this NYX one works just as well if not better :)

bonus picts!
this look created, was using the Stila red carpet ready eyeshadow pallette and the NYX HD primer!

so there you have it guys! i hope you enjoyed, let me know if you want any review or requests, i've gotta go continue working on my communication essay! toodles! xx


a mini haul

Hi guys! sooo to make up my slack in posting beauty posts, i have an itty bitty haul for you! yayy! i wanted to do a haul on my channel, but i seriously have ZERO time to film, plus, these are only a few things, not really worth a whole haul video. especially if you know how i like my hauls to be ;) (*super huge and collective*)
so i figured, a blog post would be appropriate! so here we go! dun dun dunnn....

Clean& Clear persa-gel-10:
i purchased this because i've heard quite a bit of good things from a couple youtubers. it is supposed to be a really kick-ass acne medication with the 10% benzoyl peroxide (honestly idk how to spell it!) and usually, acne medications with this level of benzoyl peroxide, are sold with prescriptions. but, this one you can get at your drugstores..
it has a quite strong medicine, chemically smell to it, which for me, isn't really a prob. i've been using it for almost a week now. and i must say it has been kinda working out.. but i still need to try this a bit more..

Bodycology Vanilla Cupcake travel sized fragrance mist:
you can get this from ulta for about $3 i think.. i mean, i just love bakery scents, although, im not sure of how i feel about this scent yet, its still in the range where i would love (come on its vanilla cupcake scented!!) and for 3 bucks, you can't rlly go wrong with this :D

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color in "Rockstar Pink" and "Strobe Light":
I have been really into crazy glitter nails lately, so i am super excited to wear these polishes, Strobe Light is more a sheer light pink with multi colored glitter in it, as oppose to Rockstar Pink which is more opaque and festive with the bright color. i'm planning on wearing Rockstar Pink on my nails for my vacation to Bali! yay :D

Stila oil-free sheer color tinted moisturizer SPF 30 in "Medium Medium":
actually, this color is not really my color. i got this tinted moisturizer from $10 when Stila was having their warehouse sale, i thought the color was gonna match, but turned out its a bit orange for me. but it's not too intense or anything. this TM is gonna be PERFECT for my vacation since i am planning to get some color, and the fact that it has SPF of 30, i won't be needing extra sunscreen! yay for practical!

so that is the end of my teeny tiny haul! thanks for reading and stopping by! don't forget to check my channel out, and feel free to drop your comments/ questions in the comment section of the post. now, i gotta go and START doing my effective writing essay. i have 3 ESSAYS ahead me, ya kno. 800 words for effective writing, 2,000 words for psychology and another 2,000 for communication. pretty intense huh? haha over and out! loveyaguys! xoxo

update+ bday haul sneak peek

Hi you there! First of, I am incredibly sorry for the lack of post! Beauty related posts mostly.. I’ve been super busy lately, I haven’t been keeping up with my videos because my home internet is acting up again. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by this weekend *crosses fingers*

It is 10.20 pm right now, I’m writing this post on Microsoft word, in the middle of doing my psychology major essay.. yes, procrastination is in action, baby!

But I’m planning on publishing this tomorrow at campus.. pssh!

Tomorrow is (supposedly be) exciting.. my journalism classmates plus moi and our lecturer will visit the UN headquarter in our city.. still not sure what coursework will be given afterwards, but I’m excited still, it’s like a lil field trip or sumthing, I get to dress up kinda fancy, you know, as a journalist would..

I’m planning to wear just a pair of trousers, a t-shirt styled top, and a blazer! (i ended up wearing a v-neck 3/4 length top in mint green color, trousers and a blazer with my hair in a bun and a pair of faux pearl earrings! and also a pair of black wedges! i wanted to take a pict, but i was incredibly late so i was rushing!)

I don’t really know what I wanna talk about in this post, really.. I just wanna come up here and raaammmbbblllleeee onnnn! Lol

I have quite a bit of pre-filmed videos that I need to upload, I’ll get them up once my internet is back on.. one of em is a birthday haul! My bday was on August 3rd.. I turned 18 this year, and yes, I feel somewhat old lol

****THE VIDEO IS UP NOW!! :)****

On the day of my birthday, frankly, nothing were really superficial.. I received a gift from one of my geeewwwddd friend.. and it went well, I received millions of wishes, I just felt soooo blessed and overwhelmed!

L'occitane Cherry Blossom eau de toilette

The next day, I had a birthday dinner, just a little one with my school mates, it was soooo amazing and a couple of my bffs surprised me with cakes, candles and yada yada yada!

And then on Saturday, I went out for a mini bday dinner with my bff, out of the school tho, we’ve been bffs for like 4 years now!

Then on Monday I went out and had sushi-bday-dinner with another one of my bff! Shes my bff since high school, we went to the same high school! And she gave me a little gift which I thought was so sweet of her

NYX Luscious Lipgloss Pallette in "The Perfect Everyday Colors"

The following day, I received another gift from another good friend

Marks& Spencer Autograph Blush eau de toilette

I am so super excited btw because I have a week off from August 31st until Sept 4th. My family and I are going to jet off to Bali! I seriously am in need of some getaway because my life has been quite hectic.. it’s nice to runaway from it for a bit

I’ll try to do some follow me around vlogs or at least just pictures, just to show you guys how amazingly beautiful Bali is

Anyways, I have been lovinggg shopping at outlets. I mean, I love shopping to begin with, of course :$ but I just have been loving shopping at outlets or little department stores where they have amazing deals and stuff.. it just feels soo good when you are able to find great stuff with low price.. there were time when I was just literally obsessed with forever21. I still like em now, but just been enjoying the good feeling of great finds!

Okay then, I guess that’s it for rite now, I promise a lot more posts coming up and beauty related ones of course! I love you guys xoxo