quickie update

hey guys!! ok first of all, let me just apologize cause i've been seriously slacking on posts. i don't have any excuses tho, mainly because i;ve been more on tumblr and twitter instead this, and of course, on youtube. so make sure u follow me on tumblr or twitter if you'd like.
anyways, i just wanna give you guys here some updates..

first of, if you guys didn;t know, i've invested in a better HD camera. pretty cool, yea? :) it is the Sony HDR-XR150. it's a great camera, it's HD, it auto-focuses and all that good stuff. here's my latest videos:

it's a couple parts of haul videos. be sure to check it out if you haven;t already!
yaa so thats about my new HD camera, i actually got it around a month ago. so i have few videos with it already. i really really really do love it!

next thing is that school has started again, probably you guys didn't know that i had 2 and a half months of break. like mid-semester break. it was pretty lonnnngg, i mean, at least i've never had a break that long before. so when i go back to school, it kinda awkaward feeling. LOL. but anyways, i started a new semester and my schedule now is pretty thight. thats why i haven't been uploadig videos as much as i did when i'm still on break. most of the times when i got home, the sun would gone already, so i can't film anything cuz i can never have a nice lighting at night time! but i;m trying to figure out a way to film at night time. obviously trying to find a good lighting and setup. cross your fingers! :)
anyways, i feel like this semester is way busier than my previous one, i;ll always come home with a bunch of school works to do. boo no fun.
which leads this post into my sleeping problems. my sleeping time schedule has been ruined during the break. i'd literally go to sleep at 4 am in the morning which absolutely is not healthy.
of course, when the school started i need to make my self get used to waking up uber early. considering i have quite some morning classes and my house is like 1-2 hours away from my school!
by then, if i wanna get up freshly in the morning, i can't go to sleep uber late. my sleeping schedule is getting better ryt now. i usually will go to sleep around 12-1am. it is still late but at least its better than before. i really wanna go to sleep way early like 10pm ish. but i just can;t because i have TONS of stuff to do. i think its just the way it is, like, 10pm isnt my sleeping time zone anymore..
i've been once told that thats just what college gives you. sleepless nights. just because you have a lot of things to do in such little time given.
but anyways, im not in college at all. i am in a foundation level which if u guys didnt know is like a pre-university level. which is provided for those students whos planning to study abroad, outta the country. in this foundation level, we are having pretty much similar subjects w hi skool, but, its being equated to the particular country's standard. i hope you get me in this point..

anywaysss its 12.14 am ryt now. time for me to hit the bed. so heres the end of my quickie update, dont forget to subbbb me on youtube :) loveeeyou guys!

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