Invaders event: makeup, hair& outfit!

Hello hello everybody! todays post is a bit interesting..

During the New Years eve, i went to vacation+NYE celebration w my family to Bali, which is a fantastic, exotic island in my country. we stay there for aroud a week, which if you watched my videos than you'd know.
On January 1st, my brother and i attended the performance by Tommy Lee and DJ Aero. to be honest, i dont know much about them, but i do know that Tommy Lee is the drumer for a rock n roll band, Motley Crue.
He branched out and started DJ-ing in around dubstep and ish.
since my brother was a huge fan, and i wanted to see how would a drummer perform on a DJ booth, i came along with him.

Mr. Tommy Lee

DJ Aero

(*sorry for the bad quality pics, they were taken with my flipcam which dont have a really good quality*)

the event was held at Hard Rock cafe, Bali which just perfect, next to where i stay, the Hard Rock Hotel.

anyway, the point of this post is just to show you kinda the makeup, hair and outfit that i wore to the gig!

the makeup:

On my face:
Revlon colorstay foundation & concealer
Benefit erase paste
maybelline clear smooth pressed powder

on my eyes:
Milani runway eyes pallette in "Catwalk"
Oriflame Stylo liner
Maybelline falsies mascara + NYX doll eyes mascara

on my cheeks:
Revlon naturally glamorous blush in "Wine with everything"

on my lips:
Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in "Natural Nude"


this is the only picture that kinda show you how i did my hair.. i put a little poof, just to add more statement and let the rest flow naturally..
my hair was kinda wavy and a bit frizzy during the holiday, since i didnt blow dry my hair at all! hahah


i didn't pick the outfit occasionally for the gig. this picture was taken at a restaurant that my family and i went before i went to the gig that night.. so that was just the outfit i had on, i didn't feel like changing it, i think its quite proper tho, just a really thin comfy sort of dress type thing, its of the shoulder, really flowy, has some really nice patterns and colors on it.
and yes, i did wore those sandals to the gig, i mean, if you really know, its just how bali is, nobody cares what youre wearing, you can go to the hotters bar/ club, and the beach with the exact same outfit! so i just put on a bit more makeup to kinda dress my self up.
and ofcourse, my lovely necklace! its a layered necklace, with 3 charms, a peace sign, a dove and a heart! i wore it almost every single day there. :D sorry i dont have a closer look to the necklace.

thanks for reading!!

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