Indonesian beauty brand review! INEZ

Hi beauties! this post is going to be about a Local beauty brand! props for being proud of your nation!
I've been using international branded makeup for the past year, regardless if its drugstore or high-end! i finally get to try some local ones which has been surprising me lately!
INEZ is one of the many local brands i get to try quite a bit of products from, been wanting to try them for AGES because of the great reviews here and there! so here is my 2 cents about the brand! hope u enjoy!

Inez Loose Eyeshadow Powder

These are loose eyeshadows that are really affordable, to be honest i am not the biggest fan of loose eyeshadows in general because they are pretty hard to work with and take a lil bit more time than pressed eyeshadows, however, i really wanted to try these because they are inexpensive and looked soo pretty!

(L-R) Golden Moss, Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold, Golden Moss

as you can see these loose eyeshadows are INCREDIBLY pigmented and super shiny metallic which if you don't know already, metallic eyeshadows are gonna be sooo in for the FALL season! They have 7 different colors for these amazing loose shadows. but they are really intense bold colors. these two are the ones that caught my eyes the most, the rest are bright blues, yellows, reds and such.. i'm having my eyes on the red one now.. i know red is not a wearable eyeshadow, especially really bright pigmented ones.. but for only $2 each, i can't resist!

Inez Colour Contour Eyeshadow Collection (quad)

I have to be honest you guys, i DO NOT need anymore eyeshadows. I have waaaay too much to use by myself already. but oh well, these were just soo tempting, for the price of them, i couldn't resist! they were only $3 each! for 4 eyeshadows, you know thats a steal! (if the quality is any good, of course!

(L-R) New York, Venice

swatches from the Venice quad

Swatches from the New York quad

ooh-lala mamasita! we can confirm now that these eyeshadows are LOVE! they are definately a steal for how much they are!

as you can see from the VENICE quad comes with 2 metallic eyeshadows (the two on the lefy, copper-y bronze and gold) and just a satin-y almost matte creme color and finally a matte dark brown. i initially bought this quad because i was soo drown into the metallic shades, i used them a few times alreeady and i LOVE them, definately more pigmented than the other 2 shades but all of them are really good quality eyeshadows!

and as for the NEW YORK quad, the colors are definately more fun and girly, all of them are satin-y almost matte finishes except for the dark dark brown one down right, it has a little bit of golden shimmers in it, my eyes caught the two colors on the top which are the peachy pink and corally orange, i think this quad gonna make a great whole eye look with the color combo!

pigmentation wise, of course these eyeshadows has way beyond worth for the price! the texture are really smooth and not chalky, they feel really rich!

Inez Colour Contour Blusher with Brush (powder blush)

well, i don't know if you guys know, *if you watch me on youtube you would probably know!* that my favorite makeup item is blush, i don't care what brand they are what so ever, i am head over heels with blushes! so, when it comes to cheap blushes, i would normally go mad.. which explains why i have 4 blushes from inez..

(L-R) Italian Sun, Autumn Rose, Gold Dipped Brick, Amber Peach

each of these blushes were only $2.99 which is undefeated, price wise. i know i have a wet n wild blush that originally only cost around the same, however, i order it online and with the shipping and all that, i'd have to pay about $5-6 in the end, so i think it's safe to say that these inez blushes are the cheapest blushes i have!

(L-R) Italian Sun, Autumn Rose, Gold Dipped Brick, Amber Peach

now, i don't know whats the deal with my camera, the lighting or whatever, these swatches looks nothing like what they are in real life, i mean the color does look like the real ones, but in this pict, they look like they're not so pigmented whereas in real life, they unbelievably are!

Italian Sun is a the one that i thought would be absolutely appropriate for the fall/ winter time, it is a matte darker reddish-orangey-coral shade of a blush which honestly, is not something i would probably reach for, but you guys, it looked sooo pretty that i just had to pick it up. When i got home and swacthed it for the picture, it reminds me a lot of NARS Exhibit A blush!

i never have the NARS blush, but based on what i see on other people's videos, the orangey reddish tone feels similar to me.

Autumn Rose is probably the second most talked about blush from this brand, it is a gorgeous simmery deeper tone of a rosey pink shade, to me it has a little bit of a coral tone in it. It is going to be that perfect flush to the cheeks

Gold Dipped Brick is the one that everyone has been talking about! and just FYI, the tester in the store had numbers instead of the names.. so long story short, i picked all these blushes based on their colors in on the testers and not for a specific name.. so they all based on my eyes and my heart! and guess what i picked this lovely color first, and when the lady gave me the blush, i looked at the name, and i was like "of course" :D
It is a shimmery peachy neutral colored blush, on my cheeks it goes very well and gives that popped out-contoured look to it. i LOVE it.. this is my number 1 fave out of all 4 of em.. most of the times i would go with pinky or corally blushes but this one has opened up my eyes to peachy toned blushes! in the swatch picture, it didnt really show up as well because it is pretty close to my skintone color, but on my face it looks beautiful!

Amber Peach, i must say is my least favorite out of the 4, i must confess, i've never really tried it and i've had it for quite a while now.. i've never tried Italian Sun and Autumn rose but its because i just got them yesterday!
i don't really know why i picked up this color.. but i think because it is a darker tone of a blush, and i wanted to try it, come to think of it, it is a little too dark or me to pull off as a blush, i thought i could use it as a bronzer or contour, but then when i swatched it for this post, i can see a dusty mauve-y tone to it rather than a bronzey or pinky. so i dont know if its gonna look good as a bronzer.. but i'll try to figure out a way to work this blush on!

The pigmentation of all these blushes are really good! the texture is very smooth, and it has a creamy feeling when i swatched it. it is not powdery! one thing i notice is that these blushes has quite a strong scent in it, i am not too bothered by it, but it could be too strong maybe for other people..

The only thing i could really complain about this brand is the packaging, NOT a fan of it! not that its hard to open or anything, it just looked so old-ish and less appealing, since i am also a sucker for packaging..
also,this product is not really easily accessible, i have to go a specific market to find them because i can;t find them at my nearest mall or beauty stores.

After all, for me personally, Inez has a really good selection of colors and products, although i've never try their lips and face stuff, i'm still very impressed with the quality of the products with the really inexpensive price tag! absolutely worth a try!