i'm still alive, you people :)

ok i know you guys are sick of my apology for the lack of posts, but here we go again! i've been super busy that i didn't realize it's been a good 3 months since i wrote my last post here! oopsie.. but what better excuse than being busy right? *hehe* but that's for real tho, i've been super overwhelmed with clashing due dates of major assignments. in fact, i'm in the middle of doing my major essay now!! lol i just read a couple posts back, and i was doing my essay too when i wrote that one. seems like blogging is my way to let the frustration out. hehe.
other than that, i've also been busy preparing for my departure to Australia. hopefully everything goes smoothly. if you don't know already, i'm moving out to Aussie in february 2012 for a couple years to continue my study. I am excited yet super anxious at the same time, i'm excited to have my own place and stuff, but i've never been away from my family for more than 10 days..
i just turned in all my visa documents, and i'm looking for the perfect place for me to stay in. i found one, reasonably priced and nice. you guys will see it eventually :P

i still upload on youtube, beauty videos of course! and oh, am i the only one who don't like the new design?

i'm sorry youtube, but it's just straight up FUGLY!! :( the previous one is a lot better!

another thing, i'm going to EUROPE!! for this christmas& New years break! suuuper psyched! i'm leaving on the 22nd and i'll be back on the 6th of Jan 2012. i'm travelling around including the UK, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Holland and Switzerland!! i can't wait already!!

Over and Out xoxo