another mini haul =)

hey there girlieeesss! today i have another teeny tiny haul to share with y'all:) i just received a package a few days ago, sooo i figured i might as well do a haul post :) here we go!

Stila red carpet ready eyeshadow pallette:
i got this for $10 when stilacosmetics.com was having a warehouse sale, so it was really discounted. i actually ordered a few more things, i think i was a foundation and a couple bigger pallettes. but they were out of them so this is the one i ended up getting along with the tinted moisturizer i showed u in the previous post.
i got this pallette because first, it was discounted of course, also because it is their collaboration product with E! Channel which i honestly truly from the bottom of my little heart love! it's probably my all time fave channel.. so i couldn't pass this up.. and here are some swatches

as you can tell, the colors are not as vibrant. at least compared to the other stila eyeshadows that i own, but it goes pretty well on the eyes with primer and everything, i didnt put primer on for this swatches.. so i'd say, for 10 dollars, it's quite a steal :)

NYX powder blushes in "Spice" and "Angel"
i'm not sure how much these blushes were, but i got them from cherryculture.com for quite a good price..
i had 2 nyx blushes already and i wanted to get some prettier colors i guess.. i actually also ordered the color "pinched" but surprise surprise, they were out of that one.. so i ended up with these two..
i haven't try spice yet, but it looked like it would be a pretty color.. i love all of my blushes anyways.. the thing is, angel is clearly, as you can see, a suuuppppeerrr light baby pink color, it wouldnt work out as a blush for me because it is waaay light. i tried it as a highlighter and i must say it kinda work for that, but i have to be kinda careful because it still gives somewhat a pink tint to my cheeks.. i dont know maybe i could do a two-tone style blush with it! i'll play around with it a bit more!

Last but not least, i got the NYX HD eyeshadow primer..
i don't know what it is about me, but i just have a thing with trying out eyeshadow primers.. not bases though because with bases it is possible to have different colors.. but i like primers which is weird because they practically do the same job and pretty much colorless.. but oh well i like them:D
i got this one also from cherry culture for about $7 i think..
definately a good cheaper alternative if you don't wanna spend your money for UDPP or too faced shadow insurance.. i feel like this NYX one works just as well if not better :)

bonus picts!
this look created, was using the Stila red carpet ready eyeshadow pallette and the NYX HD primer!

so there you have it guys! i hope you enjoyed, let me know if you want any review or requests, i've gotta go continue working on my communication essay! toodles! xx

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