Update + my europe trip pictures!

hi dolls! how have you been? i hope it's all fantastic!
i don't wanna go on and make excuses for my lack of post on here. i have been genuinely busy with life, school, AND youtube, etc. with that being said, i still regularly post beauty videos on youtube (with some glimpses to my life through vlogs also!) so make sure you subscribe!
1 thing you may or may not know, i have moved to australia. yay. i have been here for about 2 months now, and i've just been trying to settle down and what not. despite the fact that i miss my hometown, also my family and friends back there like none other, i have to admit that my life here hasn't been bad! mainly because i do have quite a bit of friends moved here along with me for their studies as well. so i always have some people to hang out and be familiar with.
As far as the study itself goes, quite honestly, it has been a struggle to catch up, remembering how different the system in here compared to the one applied to campuses back home, but it's not to the point where i can't handle it though.
In a nutshell, it is all good. i am just in the settling down phase of moving into a totally new environment which is 100% normal.

Anyways, rather than making this post a boring-text-only post where you would probably skip anyway, i would make a comeback to this blog by posting some of the pictures from my trip to europe last christmas break. i had tooonnsss of fun and it was one of the highlight of my life for sure.

Milano, Italy <3

having Pizza at Pisa! lol :D

totes loving the frosty feel in this picture! (this was taken in a cable car!) Mt. Titlis, Switzerland

waddup... just chillin' with ma boo here <3

Gothic church, Koln, Germany.

Eiffel Tower babyyyyy!

Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend ;) (Madame Tussauds museum, London)

The Colosseum, Italy

feats the Gondola Maaan! Venice, italy

Westminster Abbey! in London, where the royal wedding took place ;) and everyone, meet my little brother!

The city of Innsbruck, Austria

THIS is where my 2 favorite places ever to be, meet each other. Disneyland& Paris

SOOOOO, i hope you enjoyed the pictures! expect tons more posts coming up! lots of product reviews, hauls and what not! i love you guys and take care!


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