My MAC lip products collection + review& swatches!

Hi dolls! so here i'm gonna show you my MAC lip products collection including swatches! i don't have too many, but i do have some pretty colors to share and also review for you! so here we go! x

Pro Longwear Lipglass in Infinitely Likeable
Lipglass in Viva Glam Cyndi
Lipglass in Nothingless (Alexander McQueen collection)
Lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki (Satin Finish)
Lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga (Satin Finish)
Listick in Kinda Sexy (Matte Finish)

(The two pots in front)
(L) Lipstick in Speak Louder
(R) Lipstick in Shy Girl
both are cremesheen finishes

swatches of the ligpglosses

Infinitely Likeable pro-longwear lipglass.
As far as color goes, this lipglass has a very adorable milky-pink colour to it, a little bit on the cooler toned side, but definitely still wearable. It also has a creme finish to the color which means it has no shimmer or sheen what so ever.
Formulation wise, it has a thicker and stickier consistency which i personally don't mind, but it might bug some people as it is quite sticky. The stickiness is actually what makes the product stays a long time.
The staying power itself is pretty long, i can't say the exact period of time, but it doesn't wear off easily, however, when it does wear off, it wouldn't stain your lips noticeably.

Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass.
this is one of my current favourite lipglosses out of my collection. The color is a gorgeous red with a corally-warm undertone to it. it is very pretty and would be really easy to pull off. It also brighten up your whole entire complexion!

Nothingless lipglass.
Now i have to say that this lipglass is from a ridiculously old collection, i don't know if you notice but on the packaging it says "Alexander McQueen Fall '07". which i assume means this collection came put in 2007, BUT, i actually bought this lipgloss in 2010 in a MAC store in Saudi Arabia while i was there. so don't judge me for owning it :P
anyways, i have to be honest that i didn't really care about the colour when i bought it, i had to have it because it was from a McQ collection! but i'll break down the color for you anyways!
i would say it's basically a clear lipgloss, but it does have a teeny tiny bit of a creamy color infused to it, so that when you apply it, it would kind of mute the color you have on your lips a bit. It also has loads of shimmer. it'll make your lips look shiny and all that. i think this is a perfect runway type of lipgloss since it is very natural but very shiny.

when it comes to the staying power and formulation, MAC's lipglasses are pretty standard, they don't wear for a very long period of time, i'd say 1-2 hours? sometimes even less if you eat or drink, etc. all in all they are not my favourite products that MAC has to offer, but i definately like them.

Kinda Sexy, VivaGlam Gaga, VivaGlam Nicki, Shy Girl, Speak Louder

now i have to say i adore MAC's lipstick, the quality is just above and beyond, they are my fave MAC products aside from the blushes.
As you may notice from the first picture in this post, i depoted 2 lipsticks to a jar container, simply because they melted when i have them in my purse while i was out and about. But it didn't change it's formulation or color what so ever, although i prefer to apply lipsticks straight from the bullet, i still reach for the 2 lipsticks because they are my absolute faves!

Kinda Sexy is a beautiful nude with a pink-peach undertone, i love it as it is not a nude that washes my skintone out, it's a perfect mid tone nude, also, it has a matte finish. Although mattes in general aren't my fave, this color is way pretty and is nice for a little bit of a finish change in your makeup look

Viva Glam Gaga as you can see is a very cool toned blue based pink colour, it definately is wearable as it has a satin finish where it is quite sheer but, is buildable.

Viva Glam Nicki, is the opposite of Gaga. it is a bright bold pink but it is so much on the warmer side. i love this lipstick so much as the color is again, wearable and brightening. Also, i love Nicki Minaj. hehe

Shy Girl is another very pretty nude that i love. It definately is on the lighter side compared to kinda sexy, and has so much more peach undertone. i would say it's like a 'brighter' nude, than kinda sexy, if that make sense? as kinda sexy is more of an everyday 'calm' nude color. This is one of those lipstick color that would go perfect with Smokey eyes. Also, this is a cremesheen finish, which probably is my favorite finish for MAC lipsticks, they are very pigmented but very smooth and shiny. i love it!

Speak Louder, i have to say is my favourite color out of the 5 i have right now. it's the perfect bright pink with a bit of corally undertone to it. It is very pretty and flattering on the lips! also it has a cremesheen finish that i love!

so there you have it! my MAC lip products collection! i would love to get recommendations of which one i should get next up!


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