Mid-November already?!

Can you actually believe it? it's mid-november already. christmas is really near, so for those of you who celebrates christmas, happy early xmas! me, myself don't celebrate it because i'm a moslem. But just seeing the excitement all around youtube, dailybooth, tumblr and stuff, makes me kinda happy.
there's nothing really "special" here around christmas, not in a bad way i mean. it's just because there's no snow pouring down, no winter, no fall, so there won't be any special "winter break" and what not. also, the majority of the citizens here are moslems. so yeah.
anyways, it's always fun to look at the holiday collections from companies, and people's hauls about their holiday shopping. really tempting!
but i am having a looong looong holiday right now. it started about a week ago, when i finished my exam. and i'll be back to school on January 31st! i mean, dude, that's a long time.. what am i gonna do?!
at this point of time, i fill my holiday just with working out at the gym, go for treatments, dermatologist, go out and hang out with friends....... *yawn*

but, not only christmas, holiday and stuff, 2011 is also near ahead us. in a month and a half, there's gonna be new year's eve. and time is flying like crazily fast! i still can feel the up and downs back in 2009, and now 2010 is almost over?!
like always, there's always the ups and downs through out the year. basically, there's a whole bunch of lessons i learned in 2010. i also turned 17. but i think i'm ready to leave this year and move to a whole new clean sheet of life.
i just can't wait to make my resolutions for next year (which i will post AND make a resolution VLOG!)

after all, i cherish everything that happened in 2010. i know that later on, i can always look back through 2010 and just smile.
i hope you had a very great experiences through 2010 and excited for 2011!

catch ya later!

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