behind a simple sentence, there's a long never-ending story.

Hello whoever you are.. i just want to say hello because i know you're reading this now.
(oh please, i can't think of any "proper" introduction?! i'm a sucker for openings really.. oh well :--) )

Okay, thing is, i want to talk about one of the question from the TAG video called "My Make Up Story" which actually was my previous post before this one. yes, in this blog. all you need to do is scroll down.
so that particular question says:

"What does makeup means to you?"

if you watched my video already, you'll know that i answered that makeup is my passion. and that's the truth. forever and always (prolly. i mean, we don't know what will happen in the near future do we?! okay, don't take this too far)
i was a bit confused to answer that question. because i actually have another answer. but i know that i can talk about this other answer FOREVER and of course, youtube only give me 10 minutes for my videos. so i figured out, why not make a blog post about it?!

so here it goes....

it's more or less, about something behind my passion in makeup, i would say.
straight up, makeup is a part of ART. not only for me but i think everyone knows about it.
i've heard a lot of people saying that putting on makeup, is just like painting. but instead of making it on a canvas, you apply them to your face, or other's faces. and it makes total sense. that's why we have brushes and pallettes in our makeup collection or train case or what so ever.

when i read the question i mentioned above, i had a little flashback throughout the years. since i was a little kid, until this time. and i realized that i've always been sticking with anything related to art matters. i never realized that until that moment the flashback came.

i can't really remember anything back when i was in kindergarden. the thing that i strongly remember is that we always have assembly every year. like at the end of the academic year. and i would be placed in a group with dancing performances. traditional dance, or any kind of random dances..
during the elementary level (1st grade - 6th grade), well honestly i can't remember exactly every single year. but i do remember that i joined Theatre club kind of, well it's more like extra course-ish. we also still have assembly each and every the ending of the academic year. for me, chances are performing in a play, or, contribute in dancing performances.
also, in the same period, i took ballet class aside from school, isn't that the sweetest thing?! i mean, pink tutu, pink ballet flats with beautiful satin ribbon wrapped my legs beautifully. awhhh (or, maybe not). i also took Piano courses aside from school. i had quite a lot of things back then. sigh*
both the ballet and piano courses, are placed near my house. but then, one day, my family and i are moving out to another area. so i HAD to stop the courses, without knowing, would i be able to continue them or not..
then when i entered middle school, i found out that my middle school don't have theatre or dance extra courses (we call them extra curricular, fyi). so i had to join other thing.
somewhere during my middle school period, i took painting class out of the school. for approximately a year i would say. but then i stopped because i had things going on.
in middle school, i guess i was concentrating more in academic matters. so i couldn't reach anything aside from school. but guess what, that really short period of time i had for painting class, was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. i never knew that i would enjoy painting so much. i have my paintings hanging on my wall now, and i feel kinda proud of it. just something that i never even thinking about doing before.
i never continue my painting courses since then. but truthfully, i still want to take painting classes so bad. and since it's holiday now, i'm planning on taking them. i hope i can make it (:
well anyways, after that, of course, i entered my 10th year which is the first year of high school.
if you guys don't know, i didn't finish my high school. after i finish my 11th year, i move out to take pre-university program. it is required for the study that i'm planning to take.
of course, i had ONLY 2 years of high school.
my high school have extra courses, aside from academic subjects. they have movie club, soccer club, boxing, dance, games, and a bunch more.. and i decided to take the dance club. but the club didn't actively practice or gather or perform, for some reason. each of us had a whole bunch of school stuff to do.
we did some performances in some school events.. about couple of times.
i also took theatre class in high school, which kinda "automatically" make me a part of the theatre club. i had 2 performances. both were amazing.
i had a blogpost here about my theatre performance. that was my bigger one. i also have some pictures so you can check that out.
since i am no longer go to high school, sure i'm no longer active in those lovely clubs. what kind of art i'm doing now? i FINALLY take a piano course again :) i've always wanted to be a MAJOR piano player. i love playing them, i love how they sounds. so yeah. and im glad i've took the basic lesson earlier. so now i can learn it way easier.. just like they say, it's always easier to learn when you're younger..
and, of course, the other art that i'm sticking with now is MAKE UP :) i've always have passion in art, easily, makeup becomes one of my passion because it is art.
there's soooo much more things i want to talk about here. but again, it'll take FOREVER for me to share with you my art journey. ROFL
but, long story short.. dances, acting, painting, and music, they've become a part of what i am now. including my passion. in make up..

but anyhow, makeup, dance, painting, music, piano, acting.. are only SOME part of art, there's A WHOLE BUNCH more art stuff out there. if you notice, most of the things i mentioned, are performing arts. which requires stage, audience, lighting, and stuff. but actually the thing i'm doing right now, which is writing my blog post, is also a part of art.

seriously tho, i think i need to stop here before i start a whole new topic about journalism, art, writing............ well okay, i wish you a very wonderful joy after you read this.


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