Hi guys! how are we doin'?

So the other day i was going through one of my memory sticks and i found some snapshots of my videos.. WHAAAAAT?

well, my handy dandy Sony Camcorder that i use religiously to record my videos, takes snapshots every something seconds while i'm actually filming.. they were so fun to go through and i though i'll share them with you guys.. they're kind of a true true candid pix.. 
Bare with me though cause they all kinda look the same..

This one has got to be my favorite out of the bunch! this is from the products i regret buying video.. i love how it shows my makeup that day!

This one is also from the same video! do you recognize this? it's right when i say "hey guuuuys" lol

This one is also from an intro! and my baby sis is making an appearance! this is from a haul video i did with her but i never ended up uploading it because i didn't like the end result! 

This one is from my skincare routine video which isnt uploaded yet, it's still going through editing process! can you see the mirror in the background? you can see my camera and the tripod :P

This one is from a journalism assignment, i was doing a report and had to film with tripod and complete equipment in public! i was pretty nervous hence the giggle. But  no worries, i was with a couple of my friends, so didnt look so much like a lunatic :P

I thought these pictures looks like sort of another side of me because i never smile like this in pictures! i never smile with my teet for some reason, i always thought i look weird and my lips looks not natural when i do! 

So there you go, hope this can brighten up your day al little bit!

till next time! xx

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