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Hi everyone! hows it going? so i'm here today with a Makeup Wishlisht post! I know... like i don't have enough already! But honestly, i have to say that i've been really good with suppressing my craze for makeup purchasing! So these are the products that i have been lusting over. 
These are products that i would totally be delighted to have but i know it's not something i would purchase right out the bat.
I'm not including products that i have in my list that i know i will buy in the near future. Ok, ready? here it goes!

YSL teint resist foundation.

So, a little back story on this product, i went to the YSL counter in Myer, a high end department store here in Melbourne, initially to company a friend of mine that wanted to check out their infamous Touche Eclat. So when she was having her time with it, i checked out the foundation myself (the new touche eclat foundation it is) and i had a chat with the Sales Assistant and she eventually recommended me the Teint Resist as it has the best formulation out of all the other YSL foundations for oily skin. She swatched a little bit on the back of my hand and OH-MY-GODNESS-GRACIOUS. One thing i reckon the most is that it has such a beautiful finish, it has this velvet-ish finish and is so smooth. I fell in love with it right away!
The Australian retail price for the Yves Saint Laurent teint resist foundation is $79. I personally think it isn't that bad, the RRP on Sephora's website is 55 USD, but honestly i am willing to pay 79 for such a beautiful, luxurious and amazing quality face product!

BareMinerals SPF 15 matte foundation.

I know what you're thinking. "What? you're only getting into this product now?!" 
Well, to be quite honest, i have never been too interested in this best selling products. i know for fact that a handful of my friends swears by this product, my friends who aren't as much into makeup as i do. 
But i've always thought that this is just another lose powder. Which i am now aware that it is absolutely incorrect!
After a little chat with the YSL lady, my friend and i went over to the Mecca Cosmetica section in Myer, because she (my friend) wanted to buy another one of her Bare Minerals foundation. Yes, she went through a whole container. She completely forgot what shade she was in since she ran out of her foundation ages ago so i asked the Mecca sales assistant to color match her. While the lady was applying the foundation to her, trying colors and stuff, i browse around Mecca, swatching this and that, which birings us to the next product i wanted to talk about. 
But as soon as she was finished, my jaw literally dropped. Her skin looks FLAWLESS! just like she just applied a really nice foundation, such a great finish i reckon. Other than that, it has such a good coverage but not powdery looking, remembering the loose-powder form that it comes in. Again, i fell in love with this product at the very first sight.
It retails at AUD 34.95 which i think is not bad at all since the actual RRP in sephora.com is USD 27. Not that big of a difference. But i held my self back from buying it right away since i still have quite a few foundations i'm currently using, including a couple new ones that i'm still trying out. So i thought, if i finish 2 foundations, i'll buy one of these foundations in my wish list, and it goes the same for another one!

NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower

This is another product that i feel like has been raved and hyped all over the beauty community for the longest time, but then again, never seem to interest me that much. Until i swatched it at the Mecca Cosmetica counter in Myer while my friend was getting all glammed up with the Bare Minerals foundation. I've always thought that the colour is very pretty, but i thought the texture would just be like any other cream blush. But boy, they're nowhere close to the same to a couple cream blushes i own (e.g. NYX and Bobbi Brown) The formulation isn't quite as slippery i'd say? i'm not saying that i don't like the ones that i have but, this NARS one has a different texture, almost like a cream to powder finish but a very very smooth one.
The color it self as you may know is a gorgeous mixture of red and a bit of coral with a hint of gold-ish shimmer, although the shimmer is very subtle. It just looked so absolutely stunning and of course, it was love at the first swatch.

Chanel Bronze Universal bronzing makeup base (Soleil Tan De Chanel)

Amongst the list, this highly-raved product from one of my favorite high-end brands is probably the one that has been in my wishlist the longest.
I have had my eyes on this baby for well over a year now. It is just such a unique product that i feel like no other brands has made something quite similar. and of course, the beautiful double c's stamp on the packaging made me want it even more. 
It basically is a light cream textured bronzer for your complexion. I've heard people go on and on and on about how this product blends into your skin like a dream, how natural it looks. From people with different skin tones and under tones. Also, how long it lasts as far as product goes.
It's probably not something i would get in the near future, considering the high price tag. But i promise my self that one day, i will have this gorgeous packaging sitting in my collection.

So that is everything! i know it's not much but i honestly feel like i don't need much more makeup! and like i stated before, i'm not including the products that i know i will definately buy!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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