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Let's talk about Chic flick movies! oh i love this

1. Confession of A Shopaholic

Look at Ms. Rebecca Bloomwood here. She's stunning, gorgeous, cute and fashionable.
She has a lot of, tons of cool stuff. And yeah, she doesn't even need any money. like she said. She has magic cards.

i'm sure, most of you has watched this movie. This movie is about a shopaholic named Rebecca Bloomwood who got in trouble that caused by her own credit card bills. And things gets more complicated when she met the prince charming, Luke Brandon.

Why do i love this movie?it's because thos movie shows me how cards can be so helpful. And i found it true. Now i can feel how pleasant it is to pay your goods with cards. But remember, we have to handle our urge to shop. In every store stop, take a time and ask to your self "Do i need this? " :D

2. Mean Girls

Cady Heron is a nerd-homeschooled girl who finall get socialized in her new high school. But apparently, she chose the wrong clique

This clique called 'the plastics' at North Shore high school.The 3 girls are the most popular girls at the school. And they started to change Cady. To be plastics. Just like them.

The very unique thing from this movie that you may noticed is the burn book.

This book is where the plastics put the pictures of the girls at their school and wrote mean things about them. Cady wrote in this book once. And she regret it for the rest of her life.
i believe, a lot of cliques in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the world, has inspired by this movie to make a burn book. Personally, for me, it's no biggie. Just make sure that the book won't spread out and become a huge problem for yourself.

Why do i love this movie? It's because this movie tells us about clique problems in high school. It happens a lot in real life. Right? The movie was released in 2002 and it's still alive until now. :-)

3. Wild Child

Poppy Moore is a spoiled little girl whos lucky to have a successful and rich dad. But she has a severe atittude problem.

She go shopping and party with her friends. And one day, his dad had enough. And decided to sent Poppy to a boarding school in England.

First, she can't accept it. She can't make friends with anyone. She didn't give herself a chance to be a better girl. She thinks that everyone in that school are freaks and don't make the cuts to be friend with her.

But as the time goes by, she started to change than she realized that it is the place where she belongs. And thos english girls, are her true friends.

Why do i love this movie? again, it's because this movie is talking about high school girls problems and bla bla bla. so, yeah :D

Well, let me know if love these movies too, or maybe another movies or chic freaks stuffs? ;)


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