Yesterday, May 20th 2009, my lovely grandpa passed away, after suffered for a quite long time bcs of cancer disease.

I still remember when i read the holy quran beside him in the icu room, few days before he died. I still remember when I kissed him everytime I came to visit him. I still remember when he gave me some advices before I go to nyc. And when I called him when I'm back from ny. I still remember when me and mr brthr made him laughed for the VERY LAST TIME. I remember that I oftenly call him 'bung opa'. Me and my siblings always calls him as 'don' like in the godfather movie.

Now you're gone opa. All our memories are feels like just yesterday. But now, you're not even anywhere. I still want to kiss you, make you laugh, have dinner with you, go to sukabumi, eat at bandar jakarta, and read you the holy quran. Because you said, after we read you the quran, you feel easier to breath.

People came, people went.nothing is eternity in this world. Someday, me, my dad and mom, fally, bima, and all, will see you and oma again. And we'll be the hapiest family in Allah's firdaus heaven. Amin :')

Goodbye opa, Allah is waiting for you. We'll see you really soon.
You've got the best of both worlds, bung opa.

I love you as well and always :')

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